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FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY – Cadet Andrew Capobianco, from the University of Florida, with the 5th Regiment, Advanced Camp, is making strides in his military training, inspired by his father’s legacy. Completing the M4 rifle qualification range, Capobianco is on his way to achieving his goal of going active and branching into field artillery.

Capobianco is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is not only dedicated to his studies but also to his military ambitions.

“Growing up, my father was in the Army, so that really influenced me,” said Capobianco. “I always knew I wanted to serve my country in some capacity; ROTC just made the most sense to me. The scholarship and other benefits opened up a lot of new opportunities.”

His father, Joe Capobianco, who achieved the rank of colonel, has been a significant inspiration. “My little brother is warming up to the idea of potentially serving in the military,” Capobianco shared, highlighting his family’s continuing tradition of service.

This past semester, Capobianco served as Alpha Company Commander and is set to become the Battalion Commander in the upcoming fall semester. “I believe it will expand my leadership and my influence,” said Capobianco. “There’s a lot more that rides on my decisions, good or bad, successes or failures, they come back to me. It’s something I am very excited about, but I understand it’s going to take a lot of effort.”

Capobianco also shared advice for junior Cadets: “To all junior Cadets preparing for Cadet Summer Training, remember that success begins with preparation and dedication. Focus on honing your skills, maintaining discipline, and embracing every learning opportunity. Leadership positions are earned through consistent effort, teamwork, and demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility. Lead by example and always strive to be the best version of yourself.”

“Cadet Capobianco’s dedication has been shown since day one,” said Cadet Sean Meisler from Marshall University, West Virginia. “He has worked hard and dominated the ACFT. He is calm and always ready to help anyone in the platoon, and I think that says a lot about his character. He wants to work hard and make sure that he performs his tasks to the best of his ability. He was a great squad leader and team leader and has been a massive help to me and the others in our platoon.”

Sgt. 1st Class Tim Ingoldser, from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, echoed these sentiments: “Cadet Capobianco had great leadership potential. He exemplifies outstanding leadership skills, demonstrating unwavering dedication, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence that inspires those around him to reach their fullest potential.”

As Capobianco prepares for upcoming field training exercises, his goal is to maintain the strong cohesion within his platoon.

“Right now, we have a good thing going with a lot of cohesion. The group is really tight, and I just want that to continue as we’re going to the field for these FTXs. Morale and energy levels will fluctuate, so when one person is down, I hope that the person on my left or right will pick them up like I have seen so far,” Capobianco said.

Looking ahead, Capobianco aims to graduate at the top of his class and hopes for a European assignment, ideally in Germany. Despite the busy training schedule, he stays connected with his father, who offers valuable advice.

“With the little amount of time I’ve been able to use my phone, I have been able to fill him in: ‘Hey, we just finished the obstacle course, or the rappel tower, or even the range.’ He sends me pointers like: ‘Watch your breathing’ or ‘Keep your eyes open and follow through,’ little tips. He’s got the experience, he’s been there, he’s done it. I think he enjoys mentoring me too because he gets to impart his wisdom onto me from his many years of service,” Capobianco explained.

Reflecting on his father’s influence, Capobianco said, “If I ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, I go to him first. He’s always got the answer.”

In a last message to his father, Capobianco expressed his gratitude: “Thank you for all the support, for all the help, for the inspiration. You set the bar really high, and it’s a great expectation to chase. I love you, Dad, and I am looking forward to seeing you at graduation.”

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