• FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets from 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp, completed the Confidence Course at Fort Knox, Ky., July 28, 2023.  The Confidence Course consists of ten obstacles that are designed to physically and mentally challenge Cadets. Despite how intimidating the obstacles may look, the purpose of the Confidence Course is to build confidence in Cadets.   One of the obstacles from the confidence course was named the belly over. It’s where Cadets have to get their stomach on top of a log, then roll over to the opposite side. Cadet Alexis Rivera from Central Michigan University talked about her personal experience […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. — Armed with only their wits, strength, and endurance, Cadets from the 7th Regiment, Advanced Camp, completed the confidence course at Fort Knox, Ky., July 13, 2023. During Cadet Summer Training, Cadets are faced with multiple instances in which they must exhibit both their mental and physical capabilities.  “The confidence course is an obstacle course that every Cadet at CST must go through,” said Cadet Melanie Franco, St. John’s University. “It tests basically where you’re strong, where you’re not, and if you can complete each obstacle. Designed to challenge Cadets to overcome their mental stress and push their […]

  • ­­­FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets of the 5th Regiment, Advanced Camp, participated in the confidence course during Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, Ky., June 26, 2023. The confidence course consists of a series of obstacles that are designed to challenge the Cadets’ physical abilities and help build their confidence. The obstacles require Cadets to climb ropes, jump hurdles, perform low crawls and more. Cadet Benjamin Rider of St. Norbert College—University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, explains the purpose of the confidence course. “In order to relate to the troops that we’ll one day be leading, we have to understand, always have confidence, […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – Imagine that you are a Cadet in 4th Regiment, Advanced Camp, doing the confidence course on a day that the sun stays hidden underneath the cloudy sky. The first course that you do is named the ‘tough one’. It’s called the tough one because you have to climb up a rope to get on top of the obstacle, walk over wooden steps that are spaced out and lead into a tall ladder.  At the end of the ladder is a cargo net for you to climb down. You are getting ready to start the obstacle, but there […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky., – The 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets completed their confidence course training for Cadet Summer Training, Fort Knox, Ky., June 16, 2023.  Cadet Hilda Sanchez from James Madison University said teamwork was important for completing the confidence course. She credited her squad’s motivation with helping her finish the training. “They just kept saying ‘Sanchez, you got this, you can do it,’” Sanchez said. “And, I’d be like ‘no, I’m too small.’ They’re like ‘no don’t even think about it, don’t even say you’re gonna try, you’re gonna do it,’ and they just kept motivating me and then, helping […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets from 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, completed the confidence chamber at Fort Knox, Ky., June 15, 2023. Cadets were taught a class on CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear), where they learned how to trust in their equipment which consisted of gas masks and protective suits. Cadet Andrew Weston, Virginia Military Institute said that he joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps because he wanted to continue his family’s legacy and give back to his nation. Weston said that his nation has provided him with wonderful things, places he’s seen and experienced. Before entering the gas chamber, Weston […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp completed the confidence course where they rappelled off a 64-foot tower at Fort Knox, Ky., June 11, 2023. Some Cadets came with a fear of heights, and some did not. Regardless if they had a fear of heights or not, what helped them all get through the course today was having each other and knowing that everyone is in it together. Cadet Violet Doolittle from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire said that she joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to build herself up as a leader, meet new people, and build […]

  • “Camp has been awesome. We are learning different things every single day. It’s amazing to close it out like this, and we’re just ready to go,” Cadet Oluwasegun Olatunji from Sam Houston State University said.  11th Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets were the final regiment to complete the Rappel Tower and the Confidence Course during Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, Ky.  While some Cadets had a fear of heights and were dreading the tower, Olatunji was filled with excitement.  “I wasn’t nervous. I had trust in my cadre, they basically gave us all the information we needed and made sure we […]

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  • “It seemed like every scary movie where someone’s about to fall off a cliff,” said Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadet Jasmine Valentine, from 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp, when describing the feeling of being on the 64 ft. rappel tower at Fort Knox, Ky. Valentine is from the the University of North Georgia where she has done things similar to the rappel tower with its ROTC program, but those experiences did not take away the fear she had going into the rappel tower training event.  “I have a deathly fear of heights,” she said.  Valentine said encouraging words she received from […]

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