Our Vision & Philosophy

Provide agile and adaptive leaders of character to our Nation and Total Army who are prepared to operate and win in a complex world.

Commission 2LTs that epitomize the capable, competent and resilient leader – leaders of character. Military cadre, revitalized in the profession, return to the force as masters of leader development and who are sought after by the operational force. Enhance the readiness of the Total Army. Staff are trained to perform all duties and are provided the opportunity for professional development/growth. College and local communities value our mission, our people and our contribution. Battalions, Teams and Task Forces demonstrate their care and mutual support for one another. JROTC programs who produce better citizens and community leaders across our Nation.

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Brigade Commander

Colonel Austin S. Cruz

United States Army Cadet Command - GREAT LAKES, IL
Brigade Commander

CSM Kyle E. Keenan

United States Army Cadet Command - GREAT LAKES, IL


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