• Special Awards Recipients Military Order of the Purple Heart Badge of Merit AwardCadet Troy Bannister, Florida State University Military Order of the World Wars AwardCadet William Breen, Benedictine College Military Officers Association of America AwardCadet Maia James-Daniels, Florida A&M University AUSA Warrior Ethos AwardCadet Jordan Smith, University of Nebraska at Lincoln First Command Financial Services AwardCadet Rachel Oh, San Jose State University Armed Forces Bank Performance AwardCadet John Powers, Central Texas College Reserve Organization of America AwardCadet Delilah Kitsakos, New Mexico Military Insitute Society of American Military Engineers AwardCadet Louise Bonnimond, The Citadel Bold Leader Spirit AwardCadet Rosean Rhone, University of […]

  • FORT KNOX Ky. – Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Basic Camp, participated in the Military Blood Drive at Fort Knox, Ky., August 3, 2023. The Military Blood Drive allows Cadets to have their blood drawn which is tested and collected to be given to service members, Department of Defense employees and civilian families in need. Cadet Melissa Esswein from the University of Michigan shares her thoughts pertaining to the blood drive. “I think the blood drive is important because it’s a great way to give back to the community,” Esswein said. “In a military setting, accidents happen, people get injured, and it’s […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. — Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Basic Camp, worked together in teams to complete multiple obstacles during the Team Development Course at Fort Knox, Ky., July 24, 2023. TDC builds Cadets’ leadership, teamwork and communication skills through the six obstacles they must strategically traverse. Cadet David Lucidore from Slippery Rock University, felt like his group did well. “I think we did pretty well,” Lucidore said. “We completed two of the six that we did and got close on a few of the other ones.” Lucidore’s team utilized strong communication skills to traverse the obstacles effectively. “We had good communication […]

  • FORT KNOX Ky. – Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Basic Camp, completed their training at the Forest Hills Climbing Complex on Fort Knox, Ky., July 22, 2023. The FHCC is a series of high obstacles that focuses on confidence and having trust in the climbing equipment for each course. It is composed of the Alpine Towers, The Rudders Ropes Course, and a rock-climbing wall. Cadet Lydia Sleeman, Allegheny College, shares her thoughts on the ropes course portion of the training. “I liked it, even though there were some scary parts of the course,” Sleeman stated. “I think the worst part for me […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – U.S. Army Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Basic Camp, participated in the Team Development Course during Cadet Summer Training on Fort Knox, Ky., July 22, 2023. The TDC is designed to enhance teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills among participants. It involves a series of challenging and physically demanding exercises that require collaboration and cooperation to accomplish specific objectives. Cadet Jessica Stanfill from The University of Denver shares her experience at the team development course. “I think that it has been a good change of pace, the first 17 days we have basically done drill and ceremony and […]

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