• FORT KNOX, Ky., – Cadets from 3rd Regiment, Basic Camp, completed their daytime land navigation exercise on Fort Knox, Ky., July 30, 2023. Land navigation acts as a tool to teach Cadets to maneuver through various terrains while locating the intended checkpoints. “Land navigation is the practice of finding where you’re going from your current location,” said Cadet Robert Esgro, Penn State. “We don’t know where we’re going, so every step is a step into the unknown.” This exercise exists so that Cadets can develop their planning skills as well as learn to think more critically about the situations they are […]

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  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets from 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp, completed their land navigation qualification at Fort Knox, Ky., July 28, 2023. Armed with a compass, protractor, pencil, map, and a list of coordinates, the Cadets set out, fueled by determination, to find each of their points in under 4 hours. “Today we’re conducting a day land nav., where we are supposed to find three to four points on the course,” said Cadet David Nevarez, Middle Tennessee State University. “When I first got my points, my goal was to make some type of plan to get from my first point to […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky., – Cadets from 4th Regiment, Advanced Camp, completed their land navigation test for Cadet Summer Training, Fort Knox, Ky., June 26, 2023.  For the day test, Cadets must find at least three points out of four within the four-hour time limit.  Cadet Brooke Hawkins, University of Denver, said she felt confident going into her test.  “My program really prepared me,” Hawkins said. “There’s also a lot of gravel trails out here, which is nice, so you don’t have to dead ruck the entire thing. It’s so pretty out here, so it’s also a plus when you’re doing land […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – The 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets took the land navigation practical exam during Cadet Summer Training in Fort Knox, Ky., June 21, 2023. In order for Cadets to pass the exam, they must locate at least three of the four grid coordinates within a four-hour time period. Cadet Lindsay Smutka from St. John’s University explained what tools Cadets were given and how they could use them for the exam. “We’re given a map, a compass, and a protractor, which we can use to actually plot the points on the map using the grids, and you can use […]

  • FORT KNOX, Ky. – During Cadet Summer Training, the 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadets took the land navigation practical exam in Fort Knox, Ky., June 11, 2023, to teach them how to use a map, compass, and other techniques to navigate through various terrains and locate specific pinpoints. The land navigation practical exam is a single attempt event, in which Cadets must locate at least three of the four grid coordinates within a four-hour time period. Before the exam, Cadets are shown a large, three-dimensional terrain model of the surrounding area, and they are given a map, compass, protractor, and a […]

  • The U.S. Army Cadets of 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, spend the day focusing on enhancing land navigation skills at Fort Knox, Ky., June 10, 2023.

  • With maps in hand and one goal in mind, the Cadets of 2nd Regiment, Basic Camp, were sent off into unknown terrain to test their land navigation skills.   The Cadets were provided coordinates and tasked with the mission of locating at least one of two points within a two-hour time limit, using only a map, protractor, compass, and pencil.   “We plotted our points and made our plan immediately, and were able to get moving,” Cadet Ryan McClure, from the College of William & Mary, said.   McClure and his fellow squad members, Cadet Justine Ameperosa, Cadet Vincent Bocchetti, Cadet Laura […]

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  • Cadets trickled into the check-in table at the Land Navigation Course during Cadet Summer Training. Some finished the course within an hour and a half, including Cadet Alec Brinkman, a prior service Infantryman that has walked more than a mile on a few Land Navigation courses himself.  Brinkman, a Green-to-Gold Cadet, served as a Non-Commissioned Officer and contracted with Texas A&M University-Central Texas. After serving 12 years active duty, he has been stationed around the world to include Germany, Washington, Texas, and also found himself in Afghanistan nine months after graduating Basic Training in 2011.  Now in 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp, […]

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  • Land navigation is one of the skills taught at Cadet Summer Training (CST) at Fort Knox, Ky., but DePaul University Army ROTC Green to Gold Cadet Ryan Russett, 4th Regiment, Advanced Camp, had prior experience that made this challenging event easier. “I applied my points really quickly” he said, and then, “I just picked the shortest path which was — to the south first.”  Russett is from Chicago, where his program honed his navigation skills further as a Green to Gold Cadet. To his advantage, the ROTC program at his university comes to Fort Knox to do their Field Training Exercises […]

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