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Cadet Yannick Gouanette with the 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp from Morgan State University in Maryland, recently participated in the M4-A1 group and zero exercise at Camby Range, on Fort Knox. This exercise is critical in building confidence and honing the basics of marksmanship for cadets. Gouanette’s performance, as well as his leadership qualities, have not gone unnoticed by his superiors and peers.

“Cadet Yannick Gouanette continues to exemplify the making of a future commissioned officer, technically sound, and physically fit,” said Captain Jonathan Hunter, Assistant Professor of Military Leadership. “He goes above and beyond to improve himself and his peers.”

Gouanette, emphases the importance of foundational skills and shares his advice for fellow Cadets, “Focus on the basic foundation, hold on to the basics of what we are taught and the skills we learn. Everything we learn here is extra to help reinforce our foundation. Keep your head high and keep pushing forward.”

Gouanette’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his personal achievements. His younger brother, Patrick Gouanette, is also part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps program at MSU. “The Army is really lucky to have him,” said Gouanette. “Thanks to him, we have the highest Army Combat Fitness Test score at our school.” He wants to boost the morale of those in his platoon as his brother does for him.

Lt. Col . Nadia Moss, Professor of Military Science at MSU, has been a key supporter in Gouanette’s development. “Lieutenant Colonel Moss has gone above and beyond. She always tells me what I need to do and how to improve my grades,” said Gouanette. “Thanks to her, I have made the Dean’s List twice in a row for two semesters. She kept telling me to stay focused and keep my GPA up.”

Gouanette aspires to follow in Moss’s footsteps and branch into Military Intelligence. “She always does progressive checks, and I’m grateful to have her as my PMS. I want to lead soldiers and officers and provide advice and support for others as she does for me.”

Gouanette praises the support he receives from the instructors and professors at MSU. “Morgan State is an amazing university thanks to the amazing instructors and professors there. Sergeant First Class Zhang and Lieutenant Colonel Moss have done a lot for me in preparing me for CST. All the cadre and cadets work together in class, at lab, and at PT to better learn and mold future leaders. SFC Zhang made sure we all knew our stuff, that no cadet was left behind, and was very supportive in teaching us skills and techniques during our school’s field training exercises,”.

As a 91 Bravo Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic in the Maryland National Guard, Gouanette’s goal at CST is not only to pass all events but also to learn new skills and lessons from those around him. “I am 100 percent sure everyone here is capable of passing CST. My platoon hasn’t been late; we have great morale and attitude and can lean on each other for support. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing platoon and can’t wait to walk across the parade field with everyone at graduation,” Gouanette added.

Beyond his military commitments, Gouanette is a member of Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity, which helps him develop skills in entrepreneurship and business. He is also a hotel manager, a full-time student, and active in several campus organizations, including the Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hard Work club and the Student Government Association as the transfer student liaison.

In all his endeavors, Gouanette lives by the Army motto, “Be All You Can Be,” which he feels best represents his lifestyle and aspirations. His dedication has set a high standard for future cadets and reflects the values of leadership, resilience, and continuous self-improvement.

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