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Cadet Naya Goodman of Drexel University, a member of the 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp, demonstrated her skill and determination during a timed exam on Fort Knox, Ky. June 20, 2024, by pulling a casualty during a critical training exercise. Goodman showcased her proficiency in first aid amidst rigorous testing.

The exercise forms part of Advanced Camp’s training regimen, where cadets must master and execute the standards of various military tasks. Goodman’s performance underscored her commitment to mastering the Tactical Combat Casualty Care lane, a crucial aspect of military medical training.

Cadet Mary Duffield from New Mexico Military Institute also responded to these sentiments, highlighting Goodman’s influence within their platoon. “Goodman is always pushing us to do our best. She’s been instrumental in preparing us for the challenges we face here, She gave us pointers and helped us prepare for the TCCC lane and has been our platoon’s number one supporter”” said Duffield.

Goodman’s journey into military service is deeply personal. Enlisting in November 2020 as a Combat Medic Specialist and earning her EMT license, Goodman aspires to become a Medical Service Officer. “Tactical Combat Casualty Care is crucial,” Goodman emphasized. “It’s not just about treating injuries but connecting with people during their most vulnerable moments.”

Capt. Don McLaren, Assistant Professor of Military Science at Prairie View A&M University, responded to Goodman’s leadership and dedication, stating, “Cdt Goodman is one of the more highly motivated cadets in our platoon. Her passion for medical service and her ability to motivate others are exemplary and we’re super proud to see her out here.”

Motivated by personal experiences with family health challenges, Goodman shared, “My mother’s illness and losing my father to COVID during basic training have shaped my commitment to medical service. I want to help others through difficult times, not just seeing them as just patients but as family.”

Currently employed at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital as a transporter, Goodman is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and aims to obtain a Master’s in Public Health. Her long-term goal is to become an infection and disease preventalist in a hospital.

Goodman’s dedication extends beyond her military and academic pursuits. Celebrating her older brother’s birthday during her interview, Goodman conveyed a message of resilience to her siblings: “Don’t give up, I know sometimes there’s a lot of pressure and expectations when it’s just us five, but keep doing what you guys are doing, I am very proud of everything you guys have accomplished, don’t let other people tell you what you are doing isn’t enough, I think all of you guys are the best and I love you guys” Her commitment to family and leadership reflects her role as an elder sibling and a future officer.

As Goodman looks towards her future commission in the Pennsylvania National Guard and endeavors to integrate into the battalion-level medical services, her determination and leadership serve as a testament to her motto: “Trust the training and trust your cadre.”

At Drexel University, Goodman proudly cheers for her team, “GO DRAGONS!” Her experience at Advanced Camp, alongside her peers and dedicated cadre, marks a step towards achieving her goals of military leadership and medical excellence.

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