FORT KNOX, KY. – Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp completed the Confidence Course on Fort Knox, Kentucky, June 17, 2024. The Confidence Course contains many obstacles that aim to assist Cadets in building their confidence and test their physical capabilities.

The obstacles throughout the course are designed to help Cadets develop their leadership skills and exceed their own expectations. Soldiers may encounter obstacles like those in the Confidence Course in combat movements. Therefore, completing this course is vital when it comes to physical training because it prepares and enhances the Cadets for similar situations.

Although the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps is offered to college students that do not have any history of service, there are many contracted Cadets that are a part of the Simultaneous Membership Program, prior service and Green to Gold programs.

The SMP is a program that allows contracted Cadets to serve in the Army National Guard or Reserves while participating in the ROTC program at their school. Having the prior knowledge of being an enlisted Soldier helps future Army Officers and broadens their perspectives.

“Through my experience as being enlisted,” said Cadet Aiden Geier from St. Leo University, “I have seen a lot more discipline that I can take with me that I feel like I wouldn’t have captured going straight into ROTC.”

Geier emphasizes that during his time in the Florida National Guard, prior to contracting, he was able to recognize the roles of Officers in the Army.

“I’m going to get to understand what an Officer is supposed to be and what they’re supposed to do, so I can replicate that to the best of my abilities,” said Geier.

Prior service Cadet Tamia Phillippi, from Texas Christian University, expresses the importance of the obstacle course during Advanced Camp.

“It challenges us to do rigorous events,” said Phillippi. “In our ROTC program, we don’t have access to this equipment. Therefore, we are not able to challenge our mental fortitude in the same sense that we are here at CST.”

While giving it her all at the Confidence Course, Phillippi also expresses her motivation in her commitment to becoming an Army Officer.

“As a woman of color,” said Phillippi. “I want to be that example for other young women.”

While Cadets navigate their way through the demanding obstacles of the Confidence Course, they build their physical strength, endurance and morale alongside the other squads. They rely on each other for motivation, support and guidance while reinforcing the Army value of Selfless Service.

About the Author: Jordan Chism