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FORT KNOX, Ky. – The 1st Regiment Cadets started off their day with a battle march and shoot in Fort Knox, Ky. June 11, 2023. BMS starts at 5:30 a.m. with a four-mile tactical road march and ends with stringers of shooting practice. The BMS tests the Cadets marksmanship skills while under pressure.

1st Regiment Cadet fires a shot out of their M4 during battle march and shoot training in Fort Knox, Ky., June 11, 2023. U.S. Army Cadets must lay in an unsupported position during BMS training. | Photo by Kate Koennecke, Ohio State University, CST Public Affairs Office

The BMS is just one of multiple smaller-scale training events Advanced Camp Cadets experience before the qualification test. After having multiple opportunities to work on their skills, the Cadets are beginning to thrive out at the range.

Sgt. Maj. Andrew Porch from Georgia Military College commented on the 1st Regiment’s outstanding performance at the range.

“I didn’t see a lot of mistakes,” said Porch. “I saw a lot of Cadets being able to execute the proper procedures when their weapon malfunctioned, so what that tells me is that they’re listening to their Cadre.”

1st Regiment Advanced Camp Cadre member gives off a signal during march and shoot training in Fort Knox, Ky., June 11, 2023. During BMS, U.S. Army Cadet pay close attention to the signals the Cadre give them while out at the range. | Photo by Kate Koennecke, Ohio State University, CST Public Affairs Office

After hitting every single target, U.S. Army Cadet Lisa Marie Sanchez from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley came off the BMS range with excitement. Although Sanchez’s biggest challenge was keeping her cool, the belief she had in her own abilities was what led her to success.

“I’ve only shot twice in my life. You can do anything if you really believe in yourself,” said Sanchez.

The 1st Regiment Cadets have been learning from their experiences. After successfully completing several training tasks, there has been an increase in confidence within the 1st Regiment.

If Cadets can get through marksmanship training under stress, their marksmanship skills can then improve for future trainings to come.

Porch explained that training such as BMS puts Cadets in the best position. The overall improvement within a Regiment speaks for itself when Cadets put forward as much effort as possible.

Porch said, “Just go out there and give 100 percent; that’s all we ask for our Cadets.”

About the Author: Kate Koennecke
Kate Koennecke
Kate Koennecke is a rising junior at The Ohio State University double-majoring in Political Science and Strategic Communications. This summer, Koennecke will be working as a Public Affairs Intern, covering events throughout Cadet Summer Training this summer as a Photojournalist. Koennecke has had many experiences working in the public sphere, including interning for the Ohio Statehouse for the Ohio Democratic Caucus in the Senate in the fall of 2022. Once this summer comes to an end, Koennecke hopes to take back her knowledge of Public Affairs back to the Buckeye state with her.