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Cadet Reagan Sprecher, a student from Kennesaw State University, attending Georgia Tech’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps, is training at Fort Knox, KY as part of the 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp. For the next few weeks, Sprecher will engage in various rigorous activities alongside cadets from across the nation including obstacle courses, ranges, and the confidence chamber.

Sprecher, who has been preparing for this summer training through a year of classes, labs, and physical training at his ROTC program, plans to commission in the Georgia National Guard and aims to branch into the Engineering Corps Armory.

Cadet Reagan Sprecher from Kennesaw State University, with the 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, poses for a portrait after completing the M4-A1 Carbine Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction on Fort Knox Ky. June 3, 2024.  | Photo by Victor Jeronimo, University of Florida, CST Public Affairs Office

“I want to do my part and serve the citizens of Georgia,” Sprecher said. “My ROTC program has done an amazing job preparing me for Cadet Summer Training, so far I have no issues completing any of the exercises.”

Also, his dedication has not gone unnoticed by his peers. “Sprecher is a hard-working individual,” said fellow Cadet Martin Reyna. “He puts in the time and effort to learn the material and to teach others, becoming the subject matter expert in everything he does.”

Sprecher is not alone in his journey at Fort Knox. His father, Lt. Col. Matthew Sprecher, serves as a Chaplain here on the base. On April 18, 2005 Chaplain Sprecher commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant and has been a guiding influence for his son.

“I really look up to my dad and am proud of the work he has done in active duty, overseas, and in combat,” said Sprecher. “I have talked to him since I’ve been here, and he has given me a lot of advice about the training and how to make friends while here at Fort Knox.”

As Cadet Sprecher continues his training, he carries the support and legacy of his father, determined to serve and make a difference in the Georgia National Guard.

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