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FORT KNOX, KY. – Cadets from 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp conducted a Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction training event on Fort Knox, Kentucky, June 15, 2024. During this training event, Cadets receive information on the basic knowledge of rifle marksmanship and practice becoming familiar with their weapons.

Soldiers that are well equipped and trained in PMI come to teach and prepare the Cadets on knowledge of their weapons before qualification. These sessions include information on understanding the basic operations of the M4 Carbine, changing magazines, maintaining proper firing positions, and other weapon handling techniques.

PMI is an important training to have as a future Army Officer. It ensures that they are knowledgeable on the fundamentals necessary to handle and operate the weapons. Proficiency in marksmanship is vital for every Soldier in the Army and also enhances an Officer’s ability to disseminate accurate information on these fundamentals to their Soldiers.

Being an Army Officer comes with being a leader. Through the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and Advanced Camp, Cadets learn to develop leadership skills with critical thinking and problem–solving abilities. These principles can be applied towards their careers being in those leadership positions and guiding Soldiers during missions.

Throughout Cadet Summer Training, there are many first-generation Cadets with the motivation to go against the odds. Cadet Jordan Duff from Michigan State University is a first-generation Cadet in her family.

Duff has a strong interest in pursuing her career in the Army Nurse Corps and emphasizes how ROTC has assisted her in this aspiration. “I’ve always had an interest in medical and the Army, so ROTC led me to the nursing program in the Army,” said Duff.

Despite being the first Cadet in her family, Duff is determined to gain knowledge from the training events and her peers to graduate Advanced Camp as a competent leader. “I’ve always loved comradery and I’ve always loved pushing myself to be better than what I was,” said Duff. “I just thought that the Army was a good way to keep that going in my career and in my life.”

Cadets will apply the knowledge learned from PMI and other developed leadership skills towards future qualifications and field training exercises during Advanced Camp. Here they will be assessed on their potential to serve as a leader and future commissioned Army Officer.

Checkout the photos from 3rd Regiment’s PMI here:

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