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Former active-duty U.S. Army Drill Sergeant, Jeffrey Deshields, has harbored a long-standing aspiration throughout his military career: to join Army Reserve Officers Training Corps. Now, he is here at Fort Knox, Ky., to complete 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, navigating the challenges and getting a fresh perspective in his new role as a Cadet.

Deshields is driven by his ambition. “Being a mentor while coaching and motivating my Soldiers as a drill was amazing,” DeShields said. “My goal is to achieve the rank of Major and have an impact on senior non-commissioned officers and junior enlisted.”

Having risen through the military ranks from Private to Staff Sergeant, Deshields now faces the task of completing the Army Combat Fitness Test and the remainder of Cadet Summer Training to earn the esteemed rank of Second Lieutenant.

Previously stationed at Fort Greg Addams, Va., DeShields now finds himself at Fort Moore Ga., where he confronts both physical and mental challenges daily, each obstacle a steppingstone toward his ultimate goal. The Columbus State University, cougar battalion has been preparing cadets like Deshields all school year for CST.

As DeShields continues to push himself to new heights, his determination serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to achieving excellence in both his military career and personal growth.

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