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FORT KNOX, Kentucky – Cadets with 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp complete the Field Leader Reaction Course on Fort Knox, June 16, 2024.Teams navigate various obstacles to complete specific missions under a twenty minute time limit. FLRC training builds teamwork among Cadets and challenges their critical thinking skills. 

Cadet Anjali Biswal, 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp, from American University, D.C., attended Basic Camp last summer on Fort Knox, as she joined her school’s Army ROTC program in the second semester of her sophomore year. Although she completed the FLRC as part of her Basic Camp training, she looked forward to completing different obstacles with new team members.

“There’s always that buffer time with your squad because you haven’t really worked in a type of environment where teamwork is heavily emphasized,” Biswal said. “Our first obstacle was a little rocky, but as we kept going, we got even more cohesive. We worked hard together.”

Biswal’s squad while completing FLRC was lively, cheering one another on and creatively brainstorming solutions. 

Scott Campbell, 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp, from Tennessee Tech University was a member of Biswal’s squad. For him, bringing a positive mindset to new challenges begins with fostering relationships outside of training. 

“I got to know where each and every person here is from,” Campbell said. “At the end of every day, we go around in a circle and get to know each other. The squad leaders encouraged that and that really helped foster the positive attitude out here today.”

Despite challenges during FLRC training, Cadets with 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp remained determined to complete the missions at hand. 

Biswal’s credits Basic Camp for preparing her for other Army ROTC endeavors, despite her late entry to the program. In navigating her new structure and schedule, she leaned on the support of her peers back at her home university. 

“I’ve been thinking about it since high school, I was just way too afraid to take the leap,” said Biswal. “I didn’t think I had it in me.”

The summer after her freshman year of college, a newfound strength was discovered in Biswal. She lifted a stranger off of the train tracks at a local Metro train station, saving their life in a high pressure situation. This life changing event gave her the confidence to take the leap she had considered for so long. Not only did she join her school’s Army ROTC program, but she is the first in her family to serve in the military. 

“It inspired me to join the Army itself,” Biswal said. “I want to make decisions that save lives.”

Cadet Biswal will round out her time on Fort Knox this summer as a Military Science Three Trainer at Basic Camp, where her Army ROTC journey began just a year ago.

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