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Fort Knox, Kentucky – Cadet Garrett Andrews, from the University of Florida with the 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp, successfully rappelled down the 64-foot Rappel Tower on Fort Knox, June 22, 2024, as part of his cadet summer training.

Andrews, currently pursuing a major in agricultural operations, is actively involved as the NCOIC of UF Army Raiders club and actively participates in Basic Cadet Implied Tasks Club. Raiders, is a tactics team emphasizing leadership and based on the Ranger Handbook and Reserve Officer Training Corps curriculum, preparing junior cadets through studying various exercises similar to those encountered at CST. His aspiration is to branch Engineering.

“Raiders has definitely prepared me for CST, going through almost all the events here such as land navigation, the range, and tactical lanes,” said Andrews. “I joined ROTC because I come from a military family. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all in the military, so joining ROTC was a natural choice for me to develop my leadership skills and serve in the Army.”

“Cadet Andrews is a great leader, he has this really calm and cool presence.”, said Cadet Zachary Rey from Arizona State University, “No matter the situation we have been in, he has maintained his resilience and confidence in his decision making. I truly believe he is going to make a great Army officer.”

“At CST, my goal is to do great and pass every event, so I can lead by example and show junior Cadets not only in Raiders but throughout the program that if you follow what we are teaching, trust the leadership as well as the cadre, that you can and will succeed,” said Andrews. “Think ahead to CST, you shouldn’t be worried about anything, the cadre build a very supportive system, as well as your platoon mates. Everyone here is constantly building each other up, so don’t be worried about failing CST, this whole experience is great and embrace it”

Regarding his future, Andrews plans to go active duty and hopes to branch into the engineering field, believing that the CST experience will not only shape him as an Army officer but also enhance his leadership abilities for civilian life.

“Cadet Andrews, is an outstanding cadet, he definitely stands out amongst his peers. He always tries his hardest and goes above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of and on track. He doesn’t have to be in leadership to go and do those things, he just does them, because it is just in his nature. I am very happy to have him here in the platoon and be part of his leadership growth” Said 2nd Lt. Tre Alvarez.

Andrews attended JROTC in high school and left a message for his former instructor. “I would like to thank retired Lt. Col Richard Roller, the former Senior Army Instructor at Lakewood Ranch High School JROTC, who taught me what I know now as becoming a leader. The skills that I have built on in ROTC have been learned from him.”

In closing, Andrews conveyed a message to his grandfather, expressing gratitude for the support received throughout his military journey. “Thank you for supporting me in my military journey. You, alongside my father, have really supported me and helped me through this.”

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