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FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY. — Mauricio Harrison, a former Drill Sgt. from Methodist University in North Carolina, is now a Cadet with the 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp, participating in Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Harrison, who has 11 years of military service and extensive experience with weapons, previously served as a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson, where he spent a year as Drill Sgt. of the year as well as as a Senior Drill Sgt.

Harrison’s journey began in March 2012 when he enlisted in the Army, working as a Construction Engineer and later in civil affairs. His extensive background and dedication to military service have shaped his approach to leadership and training.

“Embrace every challenge with the same determination you would give back home,” Harrison said. “Remember, it’s not just about individual effort, but about leading and supporting your team. Stay disciplined, keep learning, and always strive to lead by example. Your perseverance and dedication will inspire those around you.”

2nd Lt. Taliyah Calloway noted Harrison’s contributions to the Cadet training program. “Cadet Harrison definitely has some years under his belt. He helps our other Cadets develop, and keeps his platoon squared away,” Calloway said.

Harrison’s fellow Cadets also recognize the value he brings. “Cadet Harrison has demonstrated his experience, and his prior service background benefits not only me but everyone else,” said Cadet Alexander Merrifield from Dickinson College. “He focuses on perfecting our skills and ensures we can conduct the basics and memorize the material we are taught. He is very helpful and resourceful in our platoon’s success.”

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in administration, Harrison aims to enter Military Intelligence. He joined ROTC to continue his passion for leadership and mentorship, a role he cherished as a drill sergeant. “Being a drill sergeant, there is nothing better than watching a family member tap their soldier, being proud of someone who completed 10 weeks where they couldn’t in 10 years. Watching the transformation from civilian to Soldier is incredible,” Harrison said. “It’s a personal reward that I have learned to accept. With my years of experience, it’s even better to see both sides. I want to lead others and help mold soldiers.”

Harrison aspires to serve in the Army for over 20 years and aims to achieve the rank of Lt. Col. “The Army is gonna have to kick me out to get rid of me,” he said with a smile.

He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and humility in leadership. “Make your points across, and I’ll tell you step by step what is expected and how to follow tasks that lead to the mission’s success. But with [that] being said, I do not think I am better than anyone else. I am just another cadet with a little more experience. I believe I can still learn from others. Even the Sergeant Major of the Army doesn’t know everything, so stay humble,” Harrison said.

With his extensive experience, dedication to education, and commitment to excellence, Cadet Harrison is confident in his ability to excel and lead effectively. “You should always strive to be the best, no matter what you do,” he said. “Lead by example and set standards, volunteer for everything, and demonstrate your skills. Build your confidence and get out of your comfort zone. That’s what makes a great leader.”

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