FORT KNOX, Ky. – Imagine that you are a Cadet in 4th Regiment, Advanced Camp, doing the confidence course on a day that the sun stays hidden underneath the cloudy sky. The first course that you do is named the ‘tough one’. It’s called the tough one because you have to climb up a rope to get on top of the obstacle, walk over wooden steps that are spaced out and lead into a tall ladder. 

Cadets from 4th Regiment, Advanced Camp, are getting a demonstration of how to do the ‘tough one’ obstacle at Fort Knox, Ky., June 21, 2023. | Photo by Thaliya Martinez, Olivet Nazarene University, CST Public Affairs Office

At the end of the ladder is a cargo net for you to climb down. You are getting ready to start the obstacle, but there is one thing. You look to the right of you and see an opposing force Cadet starting the obstacle with you. Now, there is competitiveness in the air because the opposition force is trying to finish the course before you do. 

Did you just say OPFOR at a confidence course?

Cadets from 4th Regiment, Advanced Camp, completed the confidence course with Cadets from the OPFOR at Fort Knox, Ky., June 21, 2023. The confidence course consists of a variety of complex high and low wooden obstacles that Cadets have to complete. This training event is a good way to build teamwork and challenge Cadets mentally and physically.


You are probably wondering what the OPFOR are doing at the confidence course and did not know that they get to do the training events with the Cadets.

An OPFOR Cadet talked about her experience doing the confidence course with Cadets from 4th Regiment. 

Cadet Tyne Miller from Bucknell University said that she joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to serve and because of the people. She said that everyone that she has met in the Army has “pushed me and motivated me in a lot of ways.” 

She also said that she loves “the values and the traditions that the Army has” and that the Army “has helped me grow” helping her to feel a part of something selfless. 

You may have thought that Cadets only come to Cadet Summer Training for Advanced Camp or Basic Camp, but there are other opportunities for Cadets to come to CST. 

The wolverine lane is where Cadets go for situational training exercises. Miller’s role at Cadet Summer Training is the OPFOR during the wolverine lane. 

“We run most of the six lanes as the opposing force for the Advanced Camp Cadets,” Miller said. “It’s really a great experience being able to see how Advanced Camp runs.”

This whole time you probably were wondering what the OPFOR do in their free time or maybe even thought that they camp outside all day waiting to defeat the Cadets. The OPFOR also have fun besides the wolverine lane. Miller said that the entire OPFOR platoon is here to cheer Cadets on and bond together.

Cadets went through each obstacle course one at a time. The course became challenging as the rain started to pour down, but that did not stop the Cadets from conquering the course. 

Caption Cadet Tyne Miller from Bucknell University who is a volunteer for the OPFOR, is at the confidence course getting over the ‘belly over’ obstacle at Fort Knox, Ky., June 21, 2023. | Photo by Thaliya Martinez, Olivet Nazarene University, CST Public Affairs Office


Miller mentioned what the obstacle course has taught her and can also teach Cadets at CST.

“Motivation is key; you saw me out here,” Miller said. “I am cheering everyone on, and I know that helps when you are staring up at the top of the tower, and you’re looking down to be able to hear someone from below call your name. And say you got it like that really does help. I think motivation, and then also, everyone can do more than what they think they can so with a support system (your squad),  we’re all able to help each other excel.”

Miller will commission as a second lieutenant in a year and explained how the Cadre at CST can be as beneficial for you as for the OPFOR. She said that most of the Cadre commissioned a few months ago as second lieutenants, and the noncommissioned officers have been in for a long time. 

If you were looking for a sign to join the OPFOR at CST, here is your sign. Miller encourages people to volunteer. While getting to see how things are run while working with a second lieutenant and an NCO. She said that it is a great experience, and Cadre are supportive.

About the Author: Thaliya Martinez
Thaliya Martinez
Thaliya Martinez is from Evanston, Illinois and attends Olivet Nazarene University. She majors in Multimedia Communications with a concentration in Film Studies along with a minor in Military Science and Military Affairs. Her passion for photography and videography started when she was young. Her passion for photography and videography grew stronger from capturing her soccer, cross country, and track and field team in high school. Also, working as a professional sports videographer and photojournalist for MileSplit Illinois. In college, she has some experience of being a Cadet Public Affairs Officer from her Rolling Thunder Battalion Army ROTC program. Her goal for the internship is to let God lead the way in her showing the world the 100% that the Cadets put in every day and that there’s more behind these Cadets then just them in uniform. Thaliya wants to strengthen her night photography, audio skills, and writing skills while interning for the Army ROTC Public Affairs CST team at Fort Knox.