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FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY– Cadet Enid Benitez from 1st Regiment, Basic Camp, embodies the spirit of ambition and dedication. Hailing from the University of Arizona, Benitez brings a blend of academic and personal motivation to her training despite not having any prior military experience herself. However, her family’s legacy of service within the military has undoubtedly influenced her decision to pursue this path. Benitez says, “Being here wasn’t the original plan, but as time went on, I realized how noble this career was.”

Benitez’s primary motivation for being at Basic Camp is her academic pursuit of linguistics. At the University of Arizona, she has a deep passion for what she studies, Japanese and World Affairs. This pursuit reflects her hope for world interconnectedness, as she wishes everyone knew more about the topic.

Currently Benitez is mastering Japanese as well as Spanish. While her studies in Spanish are driven by a desire to communicate with her extended family, her interest in Japanese is influenced by a fascination with the language and culture.

Benitez’s ultimate goal is to become an officer in the Army, where she believes she can utilize her linguistic skills to give soldiers a proper voice within the military. The ambition is not merely to serve, but to act as a bridge between cultures and the U.S. Army, thus enhancing communications between the groups.

Travel is another significant aspect of Benitez’s life. She has traveled extensively in her lifetime; she says, “those experiences have shaped me into the person I am”.

During her travels, she has observed the disparities in education and economic systems of other countries. Seeing those shortcomings resonated with her, inspiring a commitment to improving the systems in her own country, as well as abroad. She hopes that a career in the Army will provide her with further opportunities to travel, but this time with purpose instead of leisure as she was used to in the past.

As she navigates Basic Camp, Benitez admits to having the typical worries and jitters of a first-time Cadet. However, her enthusiasm for training and long-term goals keep her motivated. She is eager to absorb the skills and lessons that Basic Camp has to offer, viewing each challenge as a steppingstone towards the path of becoming an Officer and using her knowledge for the betterment of the Army.

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