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FORT KNOX, Ky. – 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp Cadre engage in Basic Rifle Marksmanship as part of a seven-day training with the Observer Controller Trainer Academy with the intention to train Cadets into future Army leaders at Fort Knox, Ky. June 5, 2024.

“Our mission here at Fort Knox is highly important to standardize the cadre that we interact with,” said Capt. Joseph Benning, California Polytechnic University, Ca. “The Cadets are a prime focus, we’re here to train as well as develop them and get them to be the best leaders that they can be,” said Benning.

During training, Cadre will go through similar events as the cadets to familiarize themselves with the action and therefore be able to teach cadets the same tasks efficiently and with precision. Once they have all completed the OCT academy, they will be able to evaluate cadets and aid them with the corresponding aspects of Cadet Summer Training. The senior leaders within this training, come from colleges and universities across the country and the OCT academy allows Cadre to be trained in a new environment outside of their respective school.

“It’s a good refresher because a lot of these senior leaders, including myself, don’t necessarily get the chance we would like to come out,” said Sgt. 1st Class William Taylor, Washington State University, Wa.

The understanding and knowledge practiced during OCT academy training is important because it is reflected onto the Cadets as they go through CST. Safety is an important component in ensuring that there are no injuries as well as allowing Cadets and Cadre to be proficient in safety practices.

“Safety is paramount. Everything that we do has to be centered around safety,” Maj. Elaine Altman, West Virginia University, Wv. “They can also pay attention to it when they are working with their Cadets. So, safety of the range in what we’re doing and they’re learning of how to be safe and how to teach the Cadets to be safe.”

The goal of the OCT academy is to instill the same level of training and understanding that the Cadets will face in CST.

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