FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets from 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, participate in the Confidence Course, at Fort Knox, Kentucky, June 5, 2024. The course is a series of ten different obstacles (“Tough One”, “Low Crawls”, “Jump Hurdles”, etc.), designed to test Cadet’s physical and mental abilities. 2nd Lt. Robert Dungee, an instructor for the course, taught Cadets on “go and no go” procedures and the overall importance of building confidence.

“The purpose of this course is to instill confidence within the Cadets with their physical strength and mental strength as well. Because some people have a fear of heights and just getting through that is a strength within itself.” Dungee said.

Before arriving, Army ROTC Cadet Malcolm Davis, spent time exercising and spending time with his family.

“The point of all these exercises is to prove that you are confident in your abilities – if I can, I can do anything, if I can climb that giant tower or if I can rappel on this rope, I can do anything” Davis said.

It is important for Cadets to gain knowledge from the Confidence Course, for future obstacles. Cadet Kristina Bausler, University of San Francisco, acquired knowledge about the significance of the exercise “This is important because it challenges every aspect of your body, your upper body and lower body, and also has to conquer your fear of heights or even just hanging upside down, so it is a great way to challenge yourself all the way around.” Bausler said.

As Cadets finished the Confidence Course, the other remaining nine regiments will undergo the same trials, Bausler’s advice for upcoming Cadets is to “Just keep going, no matter how hard it gets, or how scared you are, just keep climbing up the ladder, go up the rope and just keep on pushing.”

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