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FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY. — Cadets with 3rd Regiment, Advanced Camp, spent the morning of June 24, 2024, rotating through eight stations to complete their Warrior Skills training. Within a single day, Cadets were exposed to multiple tactics that Soldiers must know, such as handling an M240 machine gun, proper field movements, and the proper application of camouflage.

One of the specific exercises is called “call for fire,” a concise message transmitted through a radio containing the necessary information to place artillery or mortar rounds on a target.

“We got to really learn why call for fire is important, why we need to use it, and the different bracketing methods,” said Chanelle Washington, from Tuskegee University, Al. “I never learned that before today.”

This day-long training is crucial during Advanced Camp because many Cadets have not yet had hands-on experience with these skills.

“This is really important because we can take this to our universities after we leave here to give to the cadets that have to come next summer,” said Washington.

Not only will their experiences benefit their peers to follow, but it will also help the current Cadets become successful Lieutenants in the future as they will share common ground with their squads.

“When we get to our platoon, we will kind of know what our Soldiers have gone through,” said Washington.

As Washington continues with her Advanced Camp training, she looks forward to the 12-mile ruck, signifying to her and her fellow cadets that, “we finished, we’re done.”

Looking toward those who may attend Advanced Camp in the future, Washington says, “Be open-minded, be willing to learn, and soak up all this experience and all this time. There will definitely be some long days, early mornings, late nights, but once you get past that, the days will fly by in no time.”

This advice was passed to Washington from her older brother, who is currently deployed in Kuwait as an Infantry Officer.

“It’s definitely been hard because we are such a close family,” said Washington. “It’s hard to get those phone calls in, but when we do, we cherish them.”

This is the same advice that will soon be passed to their younger brother, who will attend Basic Camp later this summer while Washington completes Airborne School.

Cadet Joseph Bozic, Sam Huston State University, 3rd Regiment, has a similar support system as both his younger and older sister currently serve in the military.

“You gotta call home, nothing is more important than the people who love you and your family,” said Bozic.


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