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FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY- Cadets from 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp were at the Land Navigation Course on Fort Knox, June 16, 2024. The course meant develop skills on learning how to make decisions while traveling through unknown terrain, through day and night navigation.

Land Navigation skills are essential for Army Officers, because it helps instill from their soldiers that travel through unknown territories. This course is to help gain self-confidence for future Army Officers’ ability to travel into rough terrain.

During the Cadets Day Navigation, the goal is to find three out of five points within a 4-hour time limit. Only using a pencil with a map, a protractor, and compass. Cadets alone enter into the wilderness, only relying on the tools given.

Carter Lee, from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, finished the course feeling confident in his progress in becoming an Army Officer.

“I wouldn’t say it was easy, but the instructions were understandable, the instructors really helped us with the tools we needed.”

Lee wants to be part of the Indiana Army National Guard, after ROTC, wanting to gain more experience, he reflected on a motto that a past Cadre once told him. “Do the next hardest thing,” no matter what barriers he faces through his training.

“I want to be the best version of myself, to help improve on my strengths and weaknesses, and overcome obstacles.”

2nd Regiment would finish the Land Navigation Course, earning lessons of confidence in creating pathways of the unknown. Another skill that is crucial for future Army Officers or leaders.

Hannah Marcellus, from Liberty University, who wants to become a lawyer, is participating in the 4-year ROTC scholarship program, wanting to achieve an education. After the Land Navigation Course, Marcellus advises future Cadets to be aware of their progress and surroundings.

“Have a good attitude and don’t defeat yourself, even if you can’t find your points, don’t get frustrated and learn from this experience.”

Cadets will continue their Land Navigation Qualification, where they must adapt the same skills to the night portion. This is another phase of Cadet Summer Training, must pass in order to graduate advanced camp.



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