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FORT KNOX, KENTUCKY — As their time at Cadet Summer Training comes to a close, Cadets with 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp, begin their first of three phases, Wolverine, Panther and Grizzly, during the Field Training Exercise at CST on Fort Knox, June 22, 2024. During the Wolverine phase, Cadets learn from Cadre on what to expect and how to execute the mission.

“We are going over and practicing initial steps of tactics for platoon operations,” said Capt. Daniel Gimenez, Signal Corps. “We’re conducting classes on platoon tactical offensive operations so that way the Cadets have a basic fundamental on how to complete these tactical operations in preparation for the Cadre lead example.”

FTX is an opportunity for Cadets to fully immerse themselves in an austere environment for 12 days. During those 12 days Cadets will practice applying what they have learned throughout the course of CST.

“Were doing a training exercise that involves the crawl, walk, run and this is the crawling phase,” said Cadet Kiana Delaney, College of Colombia, Ga. “we are just getting familiar with what the expectations are going to be out here.”

This exercise encourages Cadets to tune into a leadership role and practice being in a situation they may not be familiar with. The goal for these Cadets is for them to “have a sound basic understanding of tactics, but also have the ability to continue to lead others in a tactical environment. We’re looking for their leadership, competencies and attributes,” Gimenez said.

Each Cadet is evaluated on how they teach and lead a platoon throughout CST, but FTX is seen as the culminating event where Cadets can truly show off their skills.

“I hope to have a positive learning outcome while also being open minded and having teamwork and cooperation,” said Cadet Nobet Hocog, Valley Forge Military Academy and College, Pa.

Having an idea of how to grow and enhance various skills, Cadets can use the wolverine phase to ask questions and learn as much as they can before they get to the final phase, Grizzly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our team come together and defeat the enemy,” Delaney said.

FTX phase Wolverine will empower Cadets to utilize the last bit of instruction, apply it and finally complete CST.

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