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FORT KNOX, Ky. – Cadets of the 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, participate in the Confidence Course on Fort Knox, Ky., June 5, 2024. The course consists of ten obstacles, designed to challenge the cadets both mentally and physically. While moving throughout the course, Cadets receive a no or no go by Cadre and must properly complete seven of the ten obstacles.

The Confidence Course provides the Cadets with regulated training and when completed, instills confidence in multiple areas.

“Whenever the Cadets start feeling confident in their physical abilities, that transfers over to other aspects of their life,” said Sgt. 1st Class Zachery Yeager, “That confidence then helps to build their leadership skills.”

The Tough One is one of ten obstacles and for many of the Cadets is the most daunting. It begins with a rope climb, followed by a balancing exercise across a raised platform. The task is then completed by climbing further up using a cargo net then retreating down the opposite side. This obstacle is one of the longest and most challenging.

“I would definitely spend more time training for the rope climb as well as updating myself on general military standards,” Megan Goroski, Grand Canyon University, “tactics aren’t the only thing looked at here.”

Apart from the physical attributes, The Confidence Course provides the Cadets a chance to establish leadership skills within their groups. As they move throughout the course, each participant must complete the obstacles individually, however, receiving encouragement from fellow Cadets can go a long way.

“It is important to enjoy yourself.” Cadet Rooker, University of Central Florida. “The days are long, and you have to rely on other people to bring yourself up.”

The Confidence Course is the first of many tasks required by them to complete the Advanced Camp portion of their Cadet summer training.

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