• FORT KNOX, Ky. — The General Patton Museum of Leadership, just outside of Fort Knox, is bustling with energy as Cadet Summer Training brings a surge of visitors. The museum sees nearly 50% of its yearly visitors during this three-month span. Tyler Reid, the museum’s director, sees this as a golden opportunity to fulfill the museum’s mission to educate future Army leaders. Reid emphasized the importance of integrating the museum into the Cadet training program, noting that Cadet Command’s partnership offers valuable learning experiences for Cadets. The museum primarily focuses on General Patton’s WWII legacy while aiming to educate future Army […]

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  • Fort Knox, Ky- Cadets from 2nd Regiment Advanced Camp test their accuracy with their M4 Carbines during group and zero procedures at Canby Range June 12, 2024. Cadets are tasked with firing five successive rounds down range. Once all Cadets have finished firing, they walk onto the range and examine their targets to have them graded by Cadre. Cadets come to Cadet Summer Training with varying levels of experience. For some, this is the first time they have fired an M4 Carbine in their life. For others, this exercise is familiar. Cadet Cameo Mabry, South Carolina University, is someone whose experience […]

  • Fort Knox, Ky – Second Regiment, Advanced Camp faced a 64-foot wall for rappel training as part of Cadet Summer Training, June 10, 2024. After filing in from a morning ruck march, Cadets made their way to the bleachers where they were given a demonstration on the training to come. Cadets watched instructors as they displayed how to properly rappel. The demonstration included the correct way to tie a rappel seat, called a Swiss seat. Cadets then moved down to the rope corrals where they were outfitted with their ropes and carabiner. The rappel training course included two stations, one being […]

  • Fort Knox, KY – “Sweep, twist, pull, strike a pose.” Cadets from 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, were required to master this preparation sequence today as they took on the hand grenade assault course for Cadet Summer Training on Fort Knox, Ky, June 6, 2024. After ruck marching onto Christenson Range, Cadets were broken down into their platoons and briefed on the exercise before taking the course on themselves. During the course, Cadets made their way through different obstacles and throwing points. Each station requires a different approach. Some stations have Cadets kneeling and throwing, while others have them throw while laying […]