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The annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition will take place at the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) on April 26 and 27. The competition has undergone multiple changes since it started in 1967. This year is a two-day competition featuring teams from West Point, Army ROTC units across the U.S., all service academies, and 14 international teams from across the globe.


Brigades host Ranger Challenge Competitions to determine the 16 teams that will represent USACC at Sandhurst. The 2024 USACC Teams are:


1st Brigade: Virginia Military Institute & Texas A&M University

2nd Brigade: Lehigh University & University of Vermont

3rd Brigade: Marquette University & University of Minnesota Twin Cities

4th Brigade: Liberty University & Furman University

5th Brigade: University of Arkansas & University of Texas Austin

6th Brigade: TBD

7th Brigade: Notre Dame University & Austin Peay University

8th Brigade: TBD