• FORT KNOX, Ky. – During Cadet Summer Training, Cadets from Advanced Camp, 7th Regiment, donate blood at the Armed Services Blood Program’s blood drive at Smith Gym, Fort Knox, Ky., July 31, 2023.   Throughout CST, the Armed Services Blood Program hosts multiple blood drives, giving Cadets the opportunity to potentially save lives through their blood donations. Sgt. Andrew Smith III from Fort Moore, Ga., explained why the blood drive is an important activity for Cadets to participate in. “These Cadets are going to be our future leaders, so we want to get it in their mind that once they become […]

  • “Without the support of commands like Cadet Summer Training here at Fort Knox, we don’t have the blood that we need and we find that here,” Navy Capt. Leslie Riggs, the Division Chief for the Armed Services Blood Program said.  Riggs became devoted to the program after discovering the challenge of continuing the blood supply. “I want to ensure that our military members that go down range come back,” Riggs said. “They are given the best possible opportunity if they’re injured, that they get the ability to come back to their families.” Cadet William Koleszar from Liberty University saw the importance […]

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